Young Graduates Working as Parliamentary Research Associates under Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme

 Islamabad: 22 May, 2017: For the first time in the history of Pakistan, young graduates in Public Administration, Social Sciences, Human Resource Development, Computer sciences and Business Administration are given an option to serve as research associates with their respective members of national, provincial or regional legislative assemblies under Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme, one of the six schemes of Prime Minister’s Youth Programme.


Aimed at political inclusion of youth, these interns were placed to help their respective members of parliament in carrying out their legislative business more effectively on the basis of well-researched in put on various socio-economic issues.  In order to prepare them for the said role, they were imparted 02 days compulsory training at Pakistan institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS), Islamabad.


Honoring their personal choice to work with the parliamentarians, initially 871 interns were placed with their respective members of legislative assemblies.  This includes National Assembly: 369, KPK Assembly: 124, Punjab Asembly: 345, and GB Assembly: 33.  However, just 49% of them, 423 interns, are currently working on their respective assignments with the parliamentarians.  This includes National Assembly: 213, KPK Assembly: 71, Punjab Asembly: 108, and GB Assembly: 31.  Rest of the 448 interns have either not joined or resigned from their internships in order to avail some other suitable employment opportunities relevant to their qualifications.


Chairperson Prime Minister’s Youth Program, Ms. Leila Khan, has termed it a beginning of a new parliamentary culture in the country, in which youth is granted a unique opportunity to become active part of the political process.

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