Ms. Leila Khan, chairperson Prime Minister’s Youth Programme held a meeting with representatives of Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform

 Ms. Leila Khan, chairperson Prime Minister’s Youth Programme held a meeting with representatives of Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform, dealing with different schemes of Prime Minister’s Youth Programme,. In order to review release of funds under various schemes out of Rs. 20 Billions block allocation for FY 2016-17, and to discuss proposals for next year’s budgetary allocations.

Ms. Leila Khan directed Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform to ensure proper review of funds utilization by the executing agencies concerned.  She urged upon them to assess implementation of schemes by the relevant executing agencies before entertaining their request for release of next tranche of funds in order to ensure accountability and transparency.  Chairperson asked the Planning Commission representatives to properly evaluate PC-IV of the preceding phase of any scheme at the time of submission of its fresh PC-I, in order to assess its outcomes and impact.  She also directed them to submit revised proposals for budgetary allocation in the next financial year after consulting the relevant executing agencies.


Prime Minister’s Youth Programme includes 06 schemes: PM’s Youth Business Loan Scheme, PM’s Interest Free Loan Scheme, PM’s Youth Skill Development Programme, PM’s (National) Programme for Provision of Laptops toTalented Students, PM’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme for Less Developed Areas, and PM’s Youth Training Scheme.

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