PM’s Youth Programme Sindh Bank becomes part of PM’s Youth Programme

ISLAMABAD, Jan 16 (APP): Sindh Bank has become part of the

Prime Minister’s Youth Programme with an initial allocated amount

of Rs 100 million.

Chairperson, Prime Minister’s Youth Programme,  Leila Khan

on Friday congratulated Sindh Bank on behalf of the Prime Minister

for joining the PM’s Business Loan Scheme.

She was talking to President of Sindh Bank Bilal Sheikh here.

President Sindh Bank said that it is a matter of immense pride

for the bank to be part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme,

whose main aim is to serve the nation.

Leila Khan was apprised that Sindh Bank is one of the fastest

growing banks in the country with more than 240 branches.

It was decided in the meeting that Sindh Bank would hold

regular meetings with the officials of Prime Minister’s Youth

Programme to ensure standard application processing system and for

regular upgradation of the programme.

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